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Contemporary abstract art delivers an impact stronger than traditional figurative or subjective paintings. The personal connection of the individual perception/interpretation of an abstraction and its’ ability to command the mood of its audience is powerful…

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PHX Architecture – Solo Exhibition for ‘PHX Pops Event’


Each original piece of art is its own unique creation, never to be recreated the same again.


Bring life to your home or office with the perfect art.  Guaranteed to enhance the appearance of any room you choose.

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Whether you’re looking for original art or high-quality prints, we have the tools and resources to ensure your next design project is delivered on time!

What Client Say .

  • “ The youngest, most talented artist in my collection. Her ability to create depth on a flat surface is rarely found in even some of the most famous artists.”

    Sarah White
    Private Collector
  • ” Our house would never be complete without the help of Hannah. Her art brings me joy on a daily basis!”

    Cosmos 12x12 600 resin and mixed media on wood
    Jessica H.
    Private Collector, Sedona AZ
  • “I have been collecting art for several years and am convinced Hannah is the top resin artist I’ve ever seen. Remarkable talent along with god-given abilities. Incredible.”

    Jason S.
    Private Collector, Entrepreneur