About Hannah Friel

The Artist

Enveloped by a family of artists and scientific engineers, Hannah was intrigued at a young age by the very different creative processes of each subject. She began exploring the arts during early childhood and majored in Fine Art at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Drawing from inspiration in natural phenomena, science, and her artistic background, Hannah was driven to push the envelope of what we generally understand as “abstract” art. This calling led an artistic innovation involving unconventional materials and certain reactive processes that cannot be created by hand alone.

Artist Statement:

Early Life:

Born in Pennsylvania, Hannah moved to Arizona after graduating college. At an early age Hannah would spend time in her grandmothers studio which sparked a passion for the arts and a desire to continuously create. Creativity and craftsmanship were encouraged by her family and Hannah has fond memories of experimenting with color and technique in her grandmothers studio.


Hannah graduated from University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Arts degree. During her undergrad she also majored in Fine Arts with an emphasis on painting and was exposed to many different areas of concentration. Always hungry for more, Hannah started experimenting with unusual materials and techniques. This is where she learned she was truly excited by incorporating innovative techniques with resin and mixed media.


I am always so inspired by nature and the organic movement of natural phenomena. I travel throughout the country and around the world exploring diverse landscapes in order to gain new ideas and inspiration for my work. Working mostly with resin, my artwork is a continuous exploration of color, movement, and light with a desire to represent all that inspires me.

Chemical Reactions That Express Cause & Effect In Nature & In Our Lives

Contemporary abstract Reaction Art delivers an impact stronger than traditional figurative or subjective paintings. The personal connection of the individual perception/interpretation of an abstraction and its’ ability to command the mood of its audience is powerful. 

Fluid motion is beautiful perfection, a natural flow that can be controlled only to a point — which is a good life lesson. It’s about learning how and when to let go.